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We know that you have options, and we are thankful that you chose our practice for your eye care needs. Each day, we take pride in providing exceptional care to our patients and we know that you communicate your experience to your friends and family.

Online reviews make a big difference for our practice – they provide valuable information about your experiences to us, and give other patients feedback about our locations, physicians, and overall services.

Patient Testimonials

1855 East West Parkway
Fleming Island, FL 32003

+1(904) 272-2020

5 stars 5
I've been a patient here for 32 years. Never disappointed. I've had glaucoma since I was. I've had two cataract surgeries. And two cornea transplants. I absolutely cannot say enough about Dr Donovan

5 stars 5
For a bit of perspective, Im 25. Since I was born, Ive had cataracts in both of my eyes. So Ive struggled with a visual impairment most of the time. I had heard about cataract surgery before through visiting a number of doctors. I was afraid of complications. However, upon visiting Clay Eye for a consultation about the surgery, my concerns were gladly addressed. Since I have unusually difficult eyes to work with, Dr. Downer was recommended, and apparently hes one of the most experienced and knowledgeable eye surgeons in Jacksonville. The first operation for my right eye was in August. Id never had to go under general anesthesia before, and I was very nervous, but the staff were incredibly reassuring and professional. So the next operation commenced on my left eye a few months later. I was much more confident during the second operation. Now, I only expected a marginal improvement in my vision, since my eyes were already at a disadvantage. But when I awoke the morning after the surgery for the left, I was shocked at the difference: not only was I seeing significantly better, I was seeing that well uncorrected! And when I mean significantly better, I mean 20/300 to 20/30 kind of better. A massive, life-changing improvement. I cant believe the level of detail and clarity Im experiencing now, since Dr. Downer put in a brand new lens, an IOL. I cant recommend the staff at Clay Eye enough. If you have almost any concern about your eyesight/vision, you wont be disappointed. The professionals at Clay Eye are top notch.

5 stars 5
Amazing sorry for the hassle previous but your the amazing nice manager Doug.. accidentally wrote a bad review and my issue was fixed but forgot to delete the complaint. They are beyond amazing and nice.
5 stars 5
Ive had 2 cornea transplants by Dr.Downer and a shunt done by Dr. Hayes and could not be happier. This is a world class practice and am eternally grateful for having them work on my eye.

5 stars 5
There are no words to express how satisfied I am with having cateract surgery on both eyes by Dr. Yasmin Islam she and her staff are beyond professional and treated as family. Blessings to you all