JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, June 12, 2023-Donald Downer, M.D. was recently the first physician in North Florida to perform a successful IC-8 Apthera Lens Implant. This lens is the first of its kind. 

Dr. Downer states, “I’m always excited to be on the cutting edge of ophthalmology advancements for cataract surgery, and the Apthera IC-8 IOL is the first of its kind. As the first physician in North FL to use the IC-8 Intraocular Lens for cataract surgery, I liken this lens to a camera.  With the Apthera IOL, light is naturally focused as it enters the eye and seamlessly expands patients range of vision, so they can see objects, people and signage from varying distances. 

 The IC-8 lens provides a solution for patients who have monovision, where one eye is used for distance vision and the other for near vision. With this lens, the near eye can now see both near and far distances. This is a significant improvement from traditional monovision, as it allows for better visual acuity at all distances. Patients who previously could not tolerate monovision due to changes in their distance vision can now benefit from this type of vision correction. This is because the IC-8 lens maintains distance vision, which was previously compromised with traditional monovision. Overall, the IC-8 lens provides a promising option for patients who are seeking improved vision correction and quality of life.

Prior to surgery, we educate patients on the benefits of each lens choice that we offer, so they can make an informed decision that is best for their visual and lifestyle needs.  We strive to provide patients with as much visual freedom as possible, and the IC-8 increases the opportunities for doing so.”

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