If you are a patient that year after year dreads having their eyes dilated-then Optomap might be your answer!

We’ve heard it all…. “it’s such a weird feeling”, “makes me feel off-balance”, “it takes forever to wear off”, “I don’t mind the eye exam, it’s the dilation part that I hate!”. 

Most patients feel they should only be examined when they either have an eye issue/emergency or need a change in prescription. When in reality, one of the most important parts of the examination is determining the health of the retina.

The optomap is a simple, non-invasive procedure that generates a high-resolution 200° digital, color image of your retina in less than half of a second.  This image is used to ascertain the health of your retina and check for harmful conditions and possible disease. It is fast, painless and comfortable for patients of all ages, and does not require dilation. 

This image becomes a part of your permanent medical record and enables us to see more of your retina, measure aspects of your eye, and magnify some of the finer details. We can also track changes in your eye over time by comparing each year’s optomap

While our team does recommend comprehensive, dilated eye exams, we are happy to provide optomap as an alternative option for those who may be uncomfortable with dilation.

Many eye problems can develop without you knowing, in fact, you may not even notice any change in your sight – fortunately, diseases or damage such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen with a thorough exam of the retina. 

The key to having and maintaining healthy eyes is in the early detection of potential problems. 

As with any disease, early detection of any retinal abnormality may lead to earlier and safer treatments and in many cases prevent vision loss.

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