low visionHaving vision loss is frustrating and having independence is important. Diminished vision doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering your normal activities, however it might mean that you need to adapt to new ways to do them.

There are many tools, techniques and resources for people with low vision.

Low Vision Aids

When traditional eyeglasses are no longer effective and surgery or medical treatment is not an option, it is time to consider low vision aids to help with daily activities, such as:

1. Magnifying Eyeglasses

These are worn like eyeglasses to keep your hands free. They can be used for reading, threading a needle, or doing other close-up tasks.

2. Stand Magnifiers

These magnifiers rest above the object you are looking at and help to keep the lens at a proper distance.

3. Smartphones/Tablets

With these devices, you can change the size of the text, modify the brightness and use voice commands to help you navigate.

4. Utilize Large-Print

Books, newspapers, magazines and playing cards help with vision

5. Telephones/Thermostats/Remote Controls

These often have large numbers and high contrast colors.

6. Audio Books:

With audio books, you can listen to text that is read aloud. These can be found at a local library and are free

7. Electronic Books:

With electronic books such as Kindle®, Nook® and others, you have the ability to modify the word size and contrast on the screen. These can often be found at a local library and are free.

In addition, there are other free resources such as the Division of Blind Services and the National Library of Congress. For more information, contact us today to with your ophthalmologist about resources and options that are best for you.

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