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Eye Muscle Surgery / Double Vision

Correcting Your Eyes So They Can Work Together

Lawrence Levine, MD

Clay Eye is the only practice in North Florida specializing in Strabismus/Adult Eye Muscle Surgery. Dr. Levine is our Fellowship Trained Eye Muscle Surgeon who is has extensive training in eye muscle and eye muscle disease. 

What is Strabismus? 

Strabismus is referred to as crossed eyes or wandering eyes, and occurs when your eyes aren’t aligned correctly causing them to point in different directions.  When other measures fail to correct the alignment, your ophthalmologist may recommend surgery. There are many benefits to the surgery beyond cosmetics, and it’s generally very safe. There has been a noticeable increase in self-confidence among those who have undergone the surgery. 

What is Strabismus Surgery?

Strabismus surgery, or eye muscle surgery, treats misaligned eyes that haven’t responded to other treatments. The surgery involves shortening or tightening the muscles in the eye by cutting them or folding them over.  In some cases, your surgeon may move the muscle in order to make it looser. Ultimately, the procedure corrects your eyes so they are centered and working together. 

You may need eye muscle surgery if you have one of the following: 


One or both of your eyes turn outward towards your ears. 


One or both of your eyes turn inward toward your nose. 


One eye turns upward as compared to your other eye. 


One eye turns downward as compared to your other eye. 


Sometimes, you may develop eye problems after a stroke. 


This is the term for an eye that wiggles or moves erratically. 

While Dr. Levine is an adult strabismus surgeon, he also provides consultations to patients 10-18 years old and will guide them toward the resources and options that are available to them.

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